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North Beach “Rock The Sandbox” is a great opportunity for players who are looking to get some late night drop-in games. The cover charge for Late Night is ONLY $14 (Taxes Included) to play till 2AM! Yes, that’s right 2AM!


All eight of our indoor courts are open for drop-in style play.
Beach Patrol is on site for assistance, court changeovers & club information.
Rock the Sandbox drop-in fees are non-refunadable.
Celebrating your Birthday during Rock The Sandbox? Ask us about our free VIP area upgrade!


 *During slower Rock The Sandbox times where there are empty courts and no wait lists, players are invited to adjust the rules format to suit their level (games may go to 21 points or cap on wins may be removed or adjusted). Players looking for drop-in 2’s are encouraged to come out Wednesday evenings.
During busy times where there are over 55 players present, no 2’s courts will be available to ensure shorter wait lists.*

  • Rock The Sandbox Late Night Drop-In Volleyball is a one-of-a-kind program in Canada!

    Getting 12 people together to play on a Friday night to play some volleyball can be a big challenge… North Beach’s owners recognized this years ago and committed to staying open late for those who don’t want to sit at a bar stool all night. Playing drop-in volleyball is a great way to stay active, have fun and make new friends. And of course the onsite North Beach Bar and Grill offers players lots of great menu items including home made pizza  and over 20 selections of draught beer, and ciders always chilled and available court side up till 2 am.  

    The playing format is easy: challenge court: team winners stay on 2 games and or shuffle to another court – new teams are made up when single players become available. Check other drop-in programs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a comparable program.

    1. No outside food/alcohol allowed on premises. Bags will be checked after sign-in.
    2. No food, alcohol, or glass on the courts.
    3. Please refrain from hanging on the nets to prevent breakage and strain on our equipment.
    4. Should a ball be hit astray and is not in an easy to reach location, please ask staff for assistance.
    5. Day lockers are available, BYO-Locks. North Beach is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
    1. All games are RALLY POINT to 15. Win by 2, Cap at 17.
    2. Winning team has the option to stay on the court for the next game.
    3. Upon 2 consecutive wins, both winning and losing teams are to step off the court and visit the bar or patio to allow 2 new teams to play.
    4. All courts will have a clipboard to track the order of waiting teams. One member is required to sign their team up at the bottom of the list.
    5. When a game finishes, players look at the list and call the next team to the court. Teams must acknowledge their spot in a reasonable time frame or they’ll be skipped.
    6. Teams can only call ONE court at a time. If a name is called and the player is on another court, their name will be crossed off and the next name will be called.
    7. In order to keep games moving quickly, players are asked to be warmed up and ready to play when their spot is called.