North beach Indoor Volleyball Academy will be visiting schools in the Toronto area this fall. Our new mandate is to offer a Free introductory service which schools can take advantage of during gym classes. We will be teaching and developing students in the sport of volleyball, specializing in beach volleyball skills.

North beach opened in 1993 as “Canada’s First Year round facility”. We have 8 indoor beach courts hosting over 1000 players each week. North Beach has become the most exciting, dynamic learning environment for volleyball players of all ages.


  • Our program is free of charge
  • We travel to your school on a flexible schedule
  • Provides access to knowledgeable staff
  • Well organized and proven set programs
  • Adds variety to your phys-ed curriculum

We have a great team of dedicated coaches who are very knowledgeable
And well experienced ready to teach your students both hard court and beach volleyball.

As a faculty member we would like to speak to you in person to determine the best time to visit your school and help develop your youth program. We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you and your students.

Greg Melville-Laborde
Director of Youth Development




North Beach received this photo showing the gratitude of village families they were able to help from the Black Friday tournament fundraising. They continue to collect outgrown clothing,
non-perishable foods and treats, and cash to send over or directly distribute every year.

SHARE THE LOVE – Toronto’s Volleyball Community raised money to help the victims and survivors of the Philippine Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, Cebu City and other areas affected. North Beach called all players, friends and family to join the North Beach Philippine Typhoon Relief Effort. In the days and weeks prior to the Black Friday Tournament many volleyball clubs and league organizers across Toronto & the GTA raised money to help the people of the Philippines as they rebuild their lives. 

For the last two years North Beach has been actively sending relief aid in the form of food and clothing to the same villages and poor areas now affected by this latest disaster. Making a donation was easy; any one of our North Beach Staff was able to receive your donation or include it with any purchase. With any donation of $10 or more, your name was put into a draw for a chance to win a Bluetooth portable speaker system with IPod compatibility. Thank you on behalf of the many friends and family members who will benefit from your generous donations!



My daughter recently celebrated her 13th birthday with her feet in the sand, playing beach volleyball. No, we didn’t skip town (with the cold winter, that would have been fabulous). Instead, North Beach Volleyball in Toronto was party central and what a unique venue it was for a tween party. North Beach is in fact where Canadian Bronze Beach Volleyball Olympic medalists John Child and Mark Heese have logged in plenty of practice time.

North Beach has 8 indoor courts, with an additional 2 outdoors. The building is massive with its open, spacious interior with high ceilings. It’s hard not to take notice of the bright, colourful murals on the walls. The court at the far end is perfect for younger party guests with their own party room directly at the back of the court. A row of restaurant booths and a picnic area provides a perfect separation between courts where onlookers, including parents can sit and watch as the games unfold. The picnic area is where parties can set up with plenty of sitting for guests to eat and drink. It is in a public area (though not terribly busy as courts are booked on the hour) as it connects to another section of the building which houses additional courts, so for young kids, the rear court is more ideal.

Our 2-hour birthday package included 1 hour of court time, 1 hour of party room time, 1 pizza and pitchers of pop and/or juice for $13.50 per person (minimum 15 guests). Honestly, 1 pizza (though the slices were a good size) wasn’t enough for a group of growing tween boys and girls, so I decided to order another pizza. Since the chicken wings were half price, I added an order (which was suppose to be for the parents) but those tweens ate everything! They devoured the chicken wings and I would love to tell you that they were delicious, but there were no leftovers to be had (they loved the wings).

Being that the group is older, we elected to only take half an hour to eat and added an extra half hour of court time. Other add-ons available include rock climbing and a large jumpy castle. All add-ons come at an additional cost.

I would highly suggest adding a games person for the hour even though it comes at an additional cost. It was totally worth it. Assad was amazing, he played volleyball with the kids when we were waiting for guests to arrive, then turned to referee games. He had a good vibe with the group and knew when to switch gears to lead them in a few highly competitive rounds of dodge ball (smaller, softer balls were used). The group was never bored, the hour flew by. North Beach parties are not just about volleyball. The staff have plenty of fun, party sand games to entertain kids of all ages. Best of all, I didn’t have to do a thing.

It’s tough to impress a group of tweens but North Beach hit the jackpot! If you’re looking for a birthday party that’s different, with a huge WOW factor, North Beach is it.

The facility also has a fully licensed restaurant with a complete menu, so it’s a fantastic place to hang with friends. In fact, many of the parents were saying they would come back and make it a night out with friends and family.