Over the years many questions have been fielded our way (p.s. yes there IS such thing a silly question).
We thought it would be fun and helpful to pass them along.
Most people are amazed when they finally get to North Beach and find out it’s nothing like they imagined.

    1. After we play it’s post “workout” good times – pitchers of cold beer 10 feet from the beach.  
    2. Ashbridge’s Bay is just too damn cold and windy 9 months of the year.
    3. To find a significant other like the many before!
    4. The North Beach Pro Shop  has saved me from playing in the buff one too many times!
    5. It’s the only place that lets me nap outside of work.
    6. Making top six in the league means you get play for the Holy Grail: North Beach Champions T-Shirts.
    7. The sand everywhere gives me an excuse to clean my car each weekend
    8. There are no clocks at North Beach so time stands still
    9. Even if your team looses a lot …  you still win more than the Maple Leafs
    10. North Beach wow you had me at free drop in. 
  • Ok this is a very common question we have heard repeatedly over the last 23 years. Usually asked while a customer is chilling out at the bar sipping a Pina Colada or a Corona in their favourite beach shorts and a branded vacation T-shirt in the middle of February.

    A: Well it was Roland Macrae and Marc Tima, two like minded entrepreneurs who thought up the idea and made it what it is today. A bit crazy of an idea at first, but I guess they were on the right track. Thousands of players flock to North Beach weekly to enjoy this tropical escape from the rain, cold and wind, and some times just their significant others for an hour of play.

  • A: The sand is over 2 feet deep and its really soft.

  • A: We figured it would take to long one pail at a time so we used dump trucks, we lost track after the first hundred loads.

  • A: Why yes!  We rake, rake and rake some more, and dampen the sand daily to keep the dust down. We are constantly adding more sand to replenish the mass quantities people take away in their bags, shorts and other hiding places.

  • A: We were the first company back in 1993 to approach Todd Knampton the specialist at Huntsville’s   “Hutcheson Sand” .. we asked they delivered! So yes, I quess we’re a main reason they now represent all FIVB & Olympics matches worldwide. Royalty checks in the mail still!

  • A: Who cares? We just open the giant garage doors and turn on our “Cool Zone” misters and fans to stay as cool as cucumbers. We use our outdoor courts as well which have lights and are located right next to the summer patio. 

  • A: We did once have guy show up out of the blue. After 2 hours of searching he found a toonie. That’s a loonie per hour. Of course the anchor bolts, and steel rails in the floor made it interesting. We never saw him again!

  • A: Well, I would say beach attire is acceptable, we’ve seen it all. One piece, two piece, no shirt, shades, just socks, one guy in a speedo, oh ya, and that lady in white knee pads, guess she missed the beach memo.

  • A: It all started back when John Child and Mark Heese practiced at NB in the 90’s, and went on to win Olympic beach  bronze in Atlanta in 1996. Now, lots of top pros like Josh Binstock and Sam Schachter can be seen dropping by for some practice matches and training. Now they are training for the Rio Olympics.

  • A: On a 4’s coed team, there is a minimum of one female on a team. On a 6’s coed team there is a minimum 2 females on a team.  Sixes teams can play shorthanded with 1 female if they have only 5 people on court. 

  • A:  North Beach has Men’s and Women’s showers and stalls to wash just your feet. Bring a towel though ….  our towel service is defunct and that’s a story for another day!

  • A: Our mural experts are Dave McEown and the new comer Deanne

    Dave originally designed and painted  the 250 foot  mural with air brush all on his own.  Yes that one guy how amazing is that. Three solid months, understandably working mostly at night  to avoid getting hit by volleyballs.   Dave has since gone on off on his quest for world fame painting in the Antarctic and other special locations .The lovely Deanne has taken on the new challenge of creating new works, touch ups and expanding upon our tropical North Beach vibe.

  • A: Absolutely. We encourage teams to ask other members to fill in when they are shorthanded. However, please try and pick from your own pumpkin patch, as the competition can get cranky when they see team stacking shenanigans from outsiders.

  • A:  North Beach’s 2nd facility was Sandbox Sports in Seattle Washington. Our contracts have included laying out the first courts at the Docks in Toronto.

    Building five beach courts at the Downsview Park Hangar, working for a year with Rick M at Victory Volleyball Brampton. Rick has now gone on to operate Hot Shots Volleyball and we wish him all the best!

  • A: The big one was our Volley For Heart Charity Beach Series a two day August event with 2500  players at Ashbridge’s Bay. We went rain or shine for 7 years straight. Team Tournament formats are fun to come up with. Best team is where you can play four, five, or six players with different rules for different registratons. Hard & Soft Tournaments where teams sign up to play hard court  the first day and then move to indoor beach the same weekend. Most team with the most points after 18 games  is crowned Hard and Soft Champion. Late Night Volleyball till 2 am, then not to be outdone  Super Late Night Volleyball till 4 am. Free Captains Tournaments satisfy our league players.  Black Friday Pro Extravaganza is just a cool event, and the now the popular Two Peas In A Pod Tournaments where you partner up in pairs to play mixed fours.

    • Drop-in privileges are available for all North Beach league players
    • We love families to feel like they are at the beach so – We invented Beach Birthday Party Picnic Packages (Costco) 
    • House Rules to make it more fun… – like our Mixed Fours – No Volley Over you quickly know your not in Kansas playing sixes any more!!   
    • Playoff Central Nights – 4.5 hours of volleyball madness, greatness, some disappointment, but all ending in winning teams with new NB Champion  T Shirts and wall of fame picture!
  • A: North Beach is looking to try its hand in the the adventure rooms mystery escape business and will start building in early 2016 in the back part of the building..  stay tuned.